Nice to meet ya!

10.22.2016 Michelle  Brad_065.jpg

I'm Margaret Kelsey, and I'm a Boston-based painter & content marketer at Appcues.

Before Appcues, I built and scaled community-focused content marketing programs at InVision for designers to educate other designers.

I grew up in Florida bouncing between the sun-soaked beaches in the south and the weeping-willow swamps of the north. 

In college, I studied with artist Sergio Vega for a semester in Paris. After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations, I joined a educational tech start up.  

From there, I worked under Bradford Rowley as a portrait photographer and absorbed the importance of composition and learned the subtle art of lighting. 

I returned to my tech startup roots in 2014 by joining InVision—a digital product design collaboration platform—as a content marketer. There, I've interviewed more than 60 top designers about on creativity, motivation, and leadership.

I moved to Boston in October of 2015 where I've been exploring a new type of oceanside and the repetitive nostalgia of the changing seasons.