Recent paintings

Recent paintings

I grew up in Florida bouncing between the sun-soaked beaches in the south and the weeping-willow swamps of the north. 

In college, I studied with artist Sergio Vega for a semester in Paris. After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations, I worked under Bradford Rowley as a portrait photographer where I absorbed the importance of composition and learned the subtle art of lighting. 

I moved to Boston in October of 2015 where I've been exploring a new type of oceanside and the repetitive nostalgia of the changing seasons. 

Painting Series 1: We were where

The "We were where" series aims to capture the totality of a moment spent with someone—inclusive of both the sights and emotions experienced. From first dates, to memorable vacations, even the sacred spot you professed your love—it's that feeling you get remembering where you were together. 

New paintings added monthly. 

Other recent works

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